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There are moments in everyone's life where they get out of a relationship then 6 months later, you realize that you're probably still in love with your ex-partner. I'm one of those unfortunate fools who gets caught up in this trap. And whenever I do find myself thinking of the past, I always listen to If I Sit Still, Maybe I'll Get Out of Here by This Town Needs Guns (or TTNG -- their newer updated band name).
I don't know what it is about the past and why I always look back on it with fondness because in reality, I don't think my past relationships were as good as my mind likes to remember them. I think that I tend to focus on the good parts of the relationship after a long enough time has passed. As much as I was a jerk or someone else was a jerk to me, I think it's always important to remember past relationships with some sort of happiness instead of growing bitter.
There are a couple of lyrics in this song that totally get that feeling. So whenever I find myself in those moments of quiet retrospection, I'll put this song on full blast with headphones on and remember the old days in a way that makes me happy instead of sad.

Notable Lyrics:

Cause we are old friends you and I, many a time sat silent at my side. And if this is to be our last goodbye, I’ll take with me a part of you that never dies. Yesteryear still rings my ear. Like buttons and pins this mess we’re in dissolves in time.
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I think this song could also just be missing the past, and the friendships you once had. That's more of where my regrets fall.