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@sarabear1021 Wha...HOW AND WHY?? As most of you know SeungRi scares me just a lil bit...But apparently its A GREAT IDEA to marry him anyways!! Ugh... (Oh trust me it gets worse darlings)
....If I had the body for this dress tho...Omg O_O We'll pretend I do
Our rings are so pretty and simple^-^ Is that what happened?! I only said yea because of the rings?? DANG IT KATELYN!!
Tbh this is kinda cute..,Look how many ppl would be there omfg
.......They better not be the wedding crashers I swear..... They so would js
Do I have to say anything?
Yep...Imma get lost and die...
They adopted... Either that or oh man we need to chill...WE HAVE NO CHILL!!
but he's still my baby panda
I know
@JahHndz That is true. And I am calm^-^ Hes just intimidating
way worse ppl then SeungRi
girl, calm down. there is way worse things out there then this.