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@sarabear1021 Wha...HOW AND WHY?? As most of you know SeungRi scares me just a lil bit...But apparently its A GREAT IDEA to marry him anyways!! Ugh... (Oh trust me it gets worse darlings)
....If I had the body for this dress tho...Omg O_O We'll pretend I do
Our rings are so pretty and simple^-^ Is that what happened?! I only said yea because of the rings?? DANG IT KATELYN!!
Tbh this is kinda cute..,Look how many ppl would be there omfg
.......They better not be the wedding crashers I swear..... They so would js
Do I have to say anything?
Yep...Imma get lost and die...
They adopted... Either that or oh man we need to chill...WE HAVE NO CHILL!!
girl, calm down. there is way worse things out there then this.
way worse ppl then SeungRi
@JahHndz That is true. And I am calm^-^ Hes just intimidating
I know
but he's still my baby panda