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"Hey, uh could you possibly run to the store and buy some food before you go out?" Jin asked. I was busy putting socks on, so I couldn't really look at his face. He sounded somewhat tired though. "Um, sure. But are you okay? You seem tired, so if you want, I can stay and help out. I wouldn't mind." I looked up at him to see him ruffling his hair with a slight smile. "You really don't have to. We did day that Saturday's are your free days to do what you want." I shook my head. "No really! You helped me out so much, so I can do anything thing you'd like me to!" I said. "In that case can you make my bed? I'm too lazy to do it..." a very sleepy Yoongi mumbled. "You can't just ask for things like that, Yoongi..." Jin sighed. I smiled and laughed. "It's fine, Jin. I just have one favor to ask after all of this." Jin's face lit up with joy, "Anything for the princess!" My face flushed a slight pink, "Jiiin... I said not to call me that! It's embarrassing!" He laughed as I pouted. He patted my head and said, "I'm just playing with you; but what's this favor you wanted to ask for?" "Oh, right! I was wondering; tonight for dinner could I cook something?" "Of course! If you need help with anything though, don't be afraid to ask, okay?" I nodded and slightly smiled. "Okay, I'm going to the store now, I'll be back soon, see you later guys!" I slipped in to my sneakers and headed out the door. I could hear Yoongi and Jin arguing over making Yoongi's bed before I left. That had put a nice smile to my face. I walked down the quiet street smiling at people who passed by me. *flashback* "Who are you people? ...who am I?" I looked around the room, confused as to my whereabouts and to the six mysterious men who were standing in front of me. The room was a beige color, and quite plain. The bed I was sitting on had ruby colored bed sheets, and was quite silky. "You don't know who you are? Well I guess we have no luck here. Jungkook, go tell Namjoon that she's awake. And that she might have amnesia." The youngest looking guy nodded and ran out of the room. I cocked my head to the side as I repeated that name. "Jung...kook? Do I know him somehow? Is he a friend of mine? Do I know you guys?" Another man walked in the room. He had what seemed to be faded pink hair with slight blonde. "Ah, so you're finally awake. What's your name?" He asked. "...M-my name?" I paused, "I don't remember my name." He ran his hand through his hair and slightly smiled. "It seems that she does have amnesia. Do you remember anything at all?" I looked around the room at the unfimilar faces. "December 20th. That's the only thing I remember." *Flashback end* "Hey Hannah, are you heading out?" Namjoon asked. Hannah. The name that they gave me because I still haven't remembered mine. Ever since... then I have been working really hard to get rid of my amnesia; but to no avail. "Oh yeah. Jin wanted me to pick up a couple things from the store, and I wasn't really planning to do anything today; so I'm going to help around the dorm." I said. "Mind if I come with you? Jin kept telling me that I needed fresh air, so he kicked me out of the dorm.." Namjoon half smiled. "I wouldn't mind the company." I started walking again. The sky was cloudy, and you could see the sun peeking out every now and then. "Have you remembered something yet?" He asked. "Nu-uh. Nothing new has popped into my head." He nodded and looked down at the ground. The walk to the store was mostly quiet. "Um, hey... I know this is out of the blue, but what's your favorite food?" I asked. I never really cooked a meal by myself. I've helped Jin a lot. I think I've learned everything I need to cook. "Well, it depends. Why, is Jin going make everyone's favorite meal?" Namjoon asked. I shook my head. "Um, actually... I wanted to cook something tonight so I asked him if I could, and he said yes." He tapped his chin while looking up at the sky. "Hmmm... well, I think anything that you cook will be quite tasty, so don't think about it too much, and have fun while cooking." He smiled. I slightly smiled as I nodded. "Well then, text the other guys and ask the what they would like, please." I walked into the store and grabbed a basket. Namjoon was behind me texting the guys on what they wanted. "Ohh, dessert would be good today too! Maybe something sweet." I whispered. I looked around at all the desserts that were a lined. Mmm... something home-made would be better. "So, I asked the the boys what they wanted, and they all said as long as I don't make it they'll be fine with anything." I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to him, "That's a little mean, isn't it? You're not that bad of a cook.. you cooked for me when I had no idea what food was.." He chuckled and closed his eyes, "Well, to tell you the truth, I remade that meal about three times before I actually served it to you." I slightly laughed while continuing to look for more ingredients. Such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and of all different colors too! I had such a huge smiled plastered to my face while picking out foods. "Ah, Namjoon, why don't you pick out something you'd like that's sweet? I want to make dessert too." I said. "Only one thing?" "The max you can get is three things." "Deal. Stay here, I'll be back." He went running towards the sweets isle, and I shook my head. I swear, these guys are such children sometimes. I continued to look through the fruits and vegetables when a mysterious voice called out to me. "...Heejin..?"
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