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"All of a Sudden" Description: Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when all of a sudden your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ cards/chapters: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7)
Holls' P.O.V~ After calling Luna, explaining every detail and event after your fainting, you finally felt free and well. Even though the nurse and Doctor told both Chan and Kook to leave you alone for a bit. Aish, just the mention and thought brings back the freaking flash backs... "Holls, wake up please", "I can't lose you like this, wake up don't stay asleep", "I need you here with me, no one can take you away, expect for yourself but please not like this". "Holls not again please! You promised you wouldn't leave me like this! Please awake" "Holls! I'm so sorry that this happened to you, but please wake up if you die then how will I live! I know it's my fault wake up please!" Why did it hurt so much just to freaking recall the events! Why must I faint when they are surrounded or just when my brain can't handle it after Jungkook and I.. Jungkook's P.O.V~ 'It's all my fault.. I caused her to faint.. I did it..' My thoughts kept repeating this even though I tried to get rid of them. How can I though? I'm considering I deserve this,.. I caused her so much pain and after we were together for a good two years, but just like Taehyung and Luna we were all close for ten years together. (Flashback warning starting now!!) Once me and Taehyung debuted we had one or two scandals involving them, but Tae Hyung's was never as severe as mine. I nearly got Holls in danger and almost damage her career. During the year 2013, a scandal broke out with titles such as "Maknae Girlfriend?", "Maknae got caught", "Idol Jeon Jungkook is dating a fan?" And such. All news outlets got a picture of Holls and I hugging at the amusement park with bubble tea (Author: I'm wanting bubble tea so if it comes often my bad..) Taehyung sneakily took that photo while Luna got one where I pecked Holls' cheek while she was holding a stuffed bear I won for her. Both Holls and I agreed that Taehyung and Luna looked and acted like a legit couple, Luna is motherly. She takes care of all of us yet gives great advice doesn't really follow (Author: you can't lie, if you know me in real life honestly..) Taehyung Hyung is not fatherly yet more of a wiser old brother. If you see these two they act like a couple yet they aren't dating yet we ended up using {#}TaeNa (Author: credits at @BadGirlMinyeon on Twitter, she created it first people!) made by Luna's friend Min and that's how we set up their chat room on Kakao. I treasured Holls like no other, I was always told to treat women like princesses and that's what I did. Even when she said "Yah, Kookie you don't have too, let's do something you want instead of just listening to was end for something else but in all honesty we had so much in common I was good with most things expect when she fangirled at other groups especially about Chanyeol sunbae... He made me jealous just by her looking at him for what? 30 seconds? Yes, I'm a bit sensitive yet I never took that on her I never did because I love her. When we broke up I was a mess, but here's the reason. The Queenka (Author: 'Queenka' and 'Kingka' just mean the most popular girl and boy) at our Highschool had a crush on me that lead to obsession.. She cried 'everyday and everynight' as she put it. She was irrelevant to me until she dragged me, and I really do mean drag, to the parking lot and said "I will kill Holls, your yeoja chingu (girlfriend) unless you break her heart and leave her. If you don't I'll make sure that it will be recorded and sent to you by next week" I remember my eyes widening and my heart beating faster while saying "You wouldn't dare lay a finger on her! If you do I swear you'll regret it always" only to hear her laugh and say "your yeoja chingu (girlfriend)'s life. But oh Jeon, if you don't want to leave you can date me and I'll make sure to never let her get hurt" with a freaking smirk. The feeling of how much I wanted to smack her, but I kept it in and decided if anything is happening I'll break up and leave.. How stupid was I? How insensitive, how stupid was I to leave her?!? Why Jeon Jungkook! Why did I leave her! Why did YOU stay with her! It was just mistake and scar on my heart to do that because without thinking, three days later I had told the girl I loved "I don't care anymore, I lost my love and my patience with you Holls, I'm going to leave tonight but I want you to be happier now that you can live without a jerk like me" I said that with tearing slowly forming yet I kept an emotionless expression then all I got was a hug so tight and her asking "Is that what you really mean Jeon Jungkook? Was it me? Are you really leaving me?" I closed my eyes trying to ignore her sobs and said "I mean it, Holls, now leave me" I said cold as ice then left the school only to go home and cry the rest of day and get Taehyung and Jimin saying "What the heck was that!?! How could you leave her!? You even told us you wanted to marry her and be a family! She was your love yet you let go like she's nothing!" All I said was "I have my reasons why and those are the reasons I'll tell you when we leave tomorrow". After slamming the door closed I laid on my bed and cried like no before.. That's when I didn't noticed Taehyung hyung enter my room and gave me a pat on the back while saying "it's gonna be okay Kookie, don't worry Luna and I will help you through this" while all I said was "Hyu-hyung.. Love hurts.. It's hurts.." While sobbing brokenly only to be told by the hyungs that we were gonna live for Seoul again but this time gone for a year.. Aish can I even handle a year without her? Can I even forgive myself? My thoughts crushing and destroying me.. Three months after their leave to Seoul.. These nights it's just been torture. I keep hearing her voice, I remember everything so's scary..yet it's painful lovely memories to remember because it was all with her.. One night I decided to text her phone via Kakao, but only to find myself ranting to Luna through my text messages and having Luna tell me what happened with my Holls, about how much I hurt and damage her.. I only keep remembering "These nights she been lonely because without the comfort you always have with her, she remembers that often. Even when she was hurting she just wanted the best for you even though she mad and kinda sadden by the fact you left just like that Kookie.." I sighed with a mix of relief yet sudden sadness. Present day (third day at the hospital).. While my past thoughts are coming back, I keep worrying if Holls is safe alone in the hospital room. They kicked me and Chanyeol sunbae out of her room. I took a glance at him and noticed he looked cold and chic yet I knew he was breaking inside but that doesn't mean I'll let Holls be with him... Chanyeol's P.O.V~ My heart breaking.. my head hurting.. I was fighting.. All because I kept hearing.. Him speak.. Forgetting this was hard yet was it worth.. Forgiving? Aish, this yoobae of mine is gonna be hard to get rid of due to the fact he is Holls' ex.. I'm not mad yet slightly jealous.. He knows more about her than I do, relationship wise, he is closer to her yet they both broke eachother.. But why the heck am I jealous?!? What about him is soo special? Yes they dated for two years and been together for a total of seven or eight years! So? I have her heart and I'm willing to heal it for her. I just hope she allows me too. Aish, this is not the time to complain and worry but the time to get back Holls and comfort her even though I'm breaking and killing myself with these thoughts she deserves everything that makes her heart and herself joyous and feel loved. I won't allow Jeon to be able to get back to her.. It can't be him no matter what.. Holls' P.O.V~ *Sighs deeply* Aish, screw all of this honestly. I can't handle my fainting any longer! Who even knows why I faint, jeez, but I just really wish the boys can understand that I don't want my heart or theirs to be played and toyed with or I'm really just gonna up end leaving them both alone.. The question is those, can I handle all of this and what happens afterwards?.. I have this feeling like everything gonna go spiraling downwards yet there is stops that only cause more confusion.. I'm so sorry!! This is a late update I know! I been extremely busy like no other my sleep schedule has been very off to the point my early sleep time is 12:00 pm or midnight honestly. My assignments have been killers yet I hope this update makes up for the wait, if not I deeply apologize..
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