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And you thought selfies were just for humans who feel like they are looking fly. Nope — meet one cat who also partakes in taking amazing selfies.

Meet Manny, the cat who loves to take selfies.

That's my good side.

Manny was a stray who was rescued by Yorem Ahm and his wife. One day, he learned how to take a picture by using a GoPro. He reached out and touched the camera and snapped a pic. And that's how it all started. Ever since then, Manny has been loving his new-found hobby and all of the attention that it has brought.

Lots of fans.

Manny has a lot of fans. On his owner's Instagram page (where a lot of Manny's selfies are posted), he has 201,000 followers. And his fame is growing — Manny has been featured on ABC, Buzzfeed and Yahoo!

I'm going to be completely honest, Manny takes way better selfies than I do!

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LMAO THIS IS SO ADORABLE. Manny always looks like he's working so hard on getting his picture right.
this cat chills only with dogs. Lol
@nicolejb I know! I wish my cat could do that!
@Amirnator haha that's a good point that I didn't notice, and that is kind of odd for a cat to only hang out with dogs. But this cat doesn't seem to be normal in any aspect of life haha
awesome I can hardly ever even keep my kitties still to take pictures of them