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Good mornings are really great for your hamstrings. This exercise also target your abs, lower back, and glutes. Start with a lower weight if you're new to these.

1) Place a bar on your back, same way as you would a back squat.
2) Keep back straight, shoulder blades squeezed, and your knees just slightly bent.
3) Bend down, moving your hips back as you go to parallel.
If you have any additional tips for this exercise, please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this card. :)
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I aint gon lie I like this pic for the wrong reasons lol ;-)
2 years ago·Reply
@dropuentex heheheheheheeee ;)
2 years ago·Reply
@GifordPaul same hahaa
2 years ago·Reply
@dropuentex and of course they're still good mornings :P
2 years ago·Reply
I finally got to sleep past noon lol these gains got me exhausted
2 years ago·Reply