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Kazuma Kuwabara He's a 14 year old punk who likes to pick fights, hang out with his fiends and go to school. I do consider him a main character only because he's in almost every episode.
Kuwabara (as he's called in the show) has a very interesting if not weird relationship with Yusuke. In the very beginning we find out that Kuwabara and Yusuke are rival punks, fighting each other on a near constant basis (with Kuwabara ending up getting his butt kicked). Later in the series this changes though to that of a twisted friendship of sorts (and Yusuke still beating Kuwabara into the ground).
He has a heightened spiritual awareness (he can sense ghosts, and people's spirt energy). Because of this he learns his signature move the Spirit Sword.
He is fiercely loyal to those he considers his friends, and will do anything for them (even risk his life). His one greatest weakness is cats. He is crazy about cats to a most comical and embarrassing point. Even for his love of cute, cuddly kittens he is a very manly man, who fights for what he believes is right... and the power of love of course.
His greatest foe (besides Yusuke) is his very own older sister Shizuru, who helps him to be a real man by... well... beating him up.
1. KUWABARA he haz a sword 2. he fought the wall and the wall won
Now I know there are some people out there that don't like Kuwabara, and even though he loses most (really almost all) of his fights in the series, and is the weakest member on team Urameshi. He is a good guy and proves that over and over agian, he's a real gentleman and has a strict code that he never goes against. Agian I left stuff out, but we are getting there. ......To be continued. .....
I consider all four of them main characters. Yusuke is just the leader of the pack
@Swallowtail I absolutely agree kurama is my favorite too
Love it and love the show. He's a great character. My favorite will always be Kurama, though.