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Last year, the Houston Astros were one of the best surprises of the season.
For over a decade, the Astros were the laughing stock of the National League. When the team switched over to the American League, things turned around for the franchise, and fast, as they made their 1st playoff appearance in close to 15 years.
One of the reasons the team was able to turn the corner was the spectacular pitching of Dallas Keuchel. Teams could not figure him out, but will that stay the same this year?
One thing that alarms many, is his low strikeout rate. He ranked tied for 22nd among qualified MLB starters in strikeout rate -- seventh in the AL -- with the same 23.7 percent rate as Zack Greinke and just below Gerrit Cole and just above Felix Hernandez. Those are solid names to compare too, but those guys get people out in a hurry when need be.
His strong point is his command of the game on the mound. He had the second-highest groundball rate, fields his position and controls the running game (he allowed five steals in 2015, just one in 2014).

Is Dallas Keuchel That Good, Or Was Last Year A Fluke?

He's a solid player. I don't think last year's performance was just sheer luck. He also did well in the postseason against the Yankees.
He's going to be a solid player for a very long time because of his command. Players like him tend to have a long career and he figured it out at a relatively young age!