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The finale everyone! I'm so sad but happy I got to play! As a special treat the above image is for us fans ^^
1. (Chuckles and opens mouth) 2. Me too. (Smiles and nods) 3. Thanks let me get my stuff. 4. Hey! Thanks for picking me up. I could have rose the bus or train back though. 5. (Same as above) 6. (Hugs back and laughs) I'm getting hugs quite a bit lately. 7. Hmm? What's up? 8. Really?! Awesome! (Smiles big and jumps up and down) 9. (Laughs at Nichkhun and nods) 10. Your going down! (Laughs)
11. (Evil laughter as I tickle) 12. Thank you! Have a great show! (Waves the stick in support ) 13. Wooo! (Screams and waves the stick) This is the dance from before.... (Smiles) 14. (Wipes face) You guys were amazing! I remember you showing me the dance from before! 15. What ya looking for? (Sits next to him) 16. Yeah! (Smacks arm) I didn't know you guys were so popular! 17. (Chuckles and watches the t.v.) 18. Hey! Give it back! 19. Ooo that's sounds fun. 20. W-What? (Blushes from embarrassment )
21. (Shuts mouth and frowns) 22. (Looks down to my feet) 23. (Furrows brows and looks up at each member) 24. (Slowly raises hand and smiles) The End! Or not?
Please read this it's important!!! Read: You opened your eyes to find your mother holding your hands tight in despair, and yourself covered in various types of medical devices. You looked at her with a shocked expression, then you said weakly, 'Where... Am I?' She looked at you, '(Y/N)! (Y/N)! You're awake!!' You looked at her, 'Mother.. Why am I here?' She was hesitant to reply, but then she mustered up her courage and said, 'You see.. 3 years ago, when you were leaving to Seoul.. The plane you boarded on had an air crash... You were the only one who survived... But you,' she sniffled, "You fell into a deep coma..." "Coma?" You got up from the bed, "What about them? Where are they? Mother!" You began to realize the truth and broke into tears, you cried hard that people could hear it right in the corrider. Everything was a 'dream'... A long, yet BEAUTIFUL dream... ~Dreams are the source of happiness in life, if we cannot achieve that one dream of ours, let it remain as a good memory to inspire us towards the future....
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Yay! Thank you for playing! xD