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*Previously on A hoping love story part 8* "The first time I ever laid my eyes in you, I liked you, then I loved you but now I'm in love with you, (Y/N), I'm deeply in love with you."
Your eyes widened as you blush hardly. Your eyes had made contact with his as he bites his lip seductively. You felt your lips water as his face came closer against yours. When your lips touched his, It felt so right as his hands stroke both sides of your hips. You run your fingers through his hair as his tongue pushes against yours. You loved every moment of it, You felt butterflies, a rush of love flowing in your cheeks. As his hands slide up into your shirt as he rubs the lower part of your back, You start to rub his neck, Making him laugh quietly. You pull back as he groans, "Don't stop, I was having fun."
You smile as he leans back in for more. As his hands grab your face and your hands touch his wide, strong chest, You heard rumbling and mumbling as your eyes open slowly. You looked over Hoseok's shoulder to see Jungkook's eyes slowly squint open.
You push Hoseok back and scoot as far away from him as possible as Jungkook sits up.
"Hello Sleeping Beauty, Do you feel better?" He asked him as he rubs his neck harshly. Jungkook gets out of bed and stands up as he stretches his arms and pops his back loudly. "Yeah I do, Thanks for taking care of me Hyung. You too (Y/N), You have been really caring and helpful, Thank You."
You smile widely as you bow down in response, "It was no trouble. Also Hoseok Oppa has helped me a lot, Which made me happy enough to work."
Jungkook blushes a little as Hoseok walks towards you. You nod a no as you stepped away. Jungkook smiles as he says loudly," Group Hug!"
Hoseok instantly stains a big smile as he immediately grasps onto your waist. He hugs you tightly as he also hugs Jungkook. They both let go of you as they cock an eyebrow at each other. You felt puzzled as you look at them. They both turn around as Jungkook smiles at you, "So, You and Hyung are like together now?"
You blush as you froze, "I don't know, Technically I'm still with Taehyung." You gasped loudly as you look at them, "I cheated on him!!!!"
Hoseok smiles as he takes your hand, "I love you more than he does, He doesn't deserve your fine self."
You giggle lightly as he kisses your cheek. As he keeps kissing you, You hear little Jungkook over here snickering, "Oh Hyung... Of course you love her."
You look at him with confusion, "You knew?"
"Yeah, He told me the whole story... Then I got beat up by my other Hyung."
You look at Hoseok, "How come you barely telling me now?"
He looks at you with saddened eyes, "Because... I knew you had feelings for Taehyung but I also really liked you. He knew I had feelings for you even before you guys started dating, But he just went for it. Plus, I thought you probably would never date a guy like me."
Your hand slides upward towards his shoulder," A guy who is sweet, smart, funny and loves me for who I am..."
He smiles and blushes at you as his other hand pets your head. You smile as you push his arm lightly, He looks at you and pushes you lightly. You push him a little bit harder and run away from him as he chases after you. As soon as he catches up with you, He picks you up bridal style and spins you in circles filled with laughters and smiles galore.
He sets you down gently as he says, "Those eyes...Those same pair of eyes, The pair I had fallen in love with."
You smiled as he kissed your hand. Jungkook walks towards you too and he says,
" Aren't you guys just to cute together?"
Hoseok nods as he messes with your hair. You smile in return as he coresses your fore arm. There was some type of footsteps heading your way, You immediately hide besides the bed as a door opens loudly. There were footsteps as a voice had said,
"Yah, Is she here?"
"Is who here?" Jungkook asked sincerely, "Is (Y/N) here right now? Is she hiding from me?"
The voice wouldn't come out perfectly. But after thinking about it, Came to conclusion that it was Yoongi's voice.
"Kid, You can come out now. No need to hide from me."
You stood up as he looks at you with a weird facial expression, "Jimin confessed. Now I know your here about Jungkookie, But he's perfectly fine now good day."
All of the sudden, You felt some type of rush full of anger uponing you.
"I'm not leaving without anwsers."
Yoongi walks towards you as his face became closer, Feeling his breath press up against yours, "I need questions then."
"Can you bring Taehyung here right now? Me and him really need to talk about this with Hoseok and Jungkook." You begged as your voice becomes higher than usual.
"Fine. But on one condition, All of us including Jin Hyung, Jimin, Namjoon and I have to talk with you guys too, We're all friends and a big family."
You look at Yoongi with realiztion, "We are?"
"Yeah of course we are, Why wouldn't we be?" He asked you as his face sulkens softly.
"Well...Honestly... I had the feeling that you didn't like me."
He quietly chuckles as his gummy smile expresses through his devilish expression,
"Of course I liked you, It was the fact that you were dating Taehyung is not what liked, You fell for him when Hoseok was falling for you."
You looked at Hoseok who's face looked puzzled as you look back at him,
"How did you know?" He pauses and laughs, "I didn't, I just assumed he did by the way he was looking at you."
You smile as Suga sides hugs you. He motions his hand to tell Jungkook and Hoseok to join in on the warm touching hugs. All the boys squeeze you tightly as you happily pretend to gasp for air.
They let go of you well...Except Hoseok who was still holding onto you tightly. You smile as he peck kisses your shoulder repeatingly. You blush hardly as you see Suga pulls out his phone. Your eyes widened as he dials a number. He puts the phone near his ear and speaks, "Hello Taehyung...Come over to the studio, We all need to talk ASAP."
He hangs up and looks at you with concern, "Do you want Hoseok tobe your night in shining armor and protect you?" He said in a very high pitched- girly like voice.
You smile and giggle as you say, "I can protect my ownself."
A knock on the door was heard as Jin yells out," Come in"
As you all sit in a circle, Taehyung opens the door and has an instant smile shined across his face once he had seen you. He waves to everyone and kisses your hand before sitting next to you. You sit there awkwardly as Jin says,
"Sooo...Taehyung, How have you been?"
He nods with a yes as his eyes blink slowly, "I've been fine. How about all of you?'
He stands up and sighs loudly as he rubs the back of his neck. He looks at you as you stood up, and walk towards him. You open your arms out as he hugs you tightly and sniffles loudly. He whispers into your ear, "I missed you. I need you in my life. I love you so much to just let you go."
You start to tear up a bit but try to hold back the tears as he rubs your back.
As you push him back, You see him looking down at you with watering eyes and red touch ups. You look back at Hoseok with an concern look. He looked really jealous as Namjoon asks," Are you okay Tae-Tae?"
He looks towards as he nods a yes. You guide him out of the door as you tell the guys,
"Taehyung and I are gonna walk around for a bit, I'll be back."
They all wave bye as Hoseok exclaims, "Be Careful."
After walking outside on a sunny warm day, You walk besides Taehyung as he bumps into you suddenly. Your eyes trail off from his face to the ground in sulkening.
His fingers laced around yours as he flusterly asks you a question,
"So...Do you still love me? Or at least still have some type of feelings for me?"
You look at him with crystalizing eyes and a cheap smile,
"Of course I still do, I still love you with all of my heart."
He smiles as he kisses your cheek. He stops and looks into your eyes,
"I love you (Y/N), No matter what happens between us, I'll always care about you."
You smile as you tell him shyly, "I love you too Taehyung. You'll always be in my heart."
He gives you a blissful kiss as the tip of his nose touches the mid apple part of your rosy cheek. He takes you in hand again as your guys' feet walk besides each other.

Ughhhh The feels this story has given me XD I hope you all enjoyed!

@MrsJungHoseok It's hard for me to relate when she does THAT.
And she fell for it... where is the "rolls eyes in annoyance" emoji??!!
Wait no why you making me feel like I can't choose because it like jhope oh jhope is my hope but V oh my gosh V crying face an how sincere he sound it like GODDAMMIT ugh lol
@UnnieCakesAli We all are XD @MrsChanyeol No need to be sorry :)
I was not expecting that, I love it but she made the wrong choice.
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