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@miranpark88 You got to eat one of these?! Ah, you lucky girl! I want one. Yeah, my baking skills are also subpar. I can cook, though baking is a different story. Lol. @judyT Hope you can start cooking again soon, since it sounds like something you enjoy very much.
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oh noooooi!!! really?????? are you with a casttt? do u know when you will be taking it off??
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I've taken it off. ....but I can't walk yet @miranpark88 ..... @YinofYang thank you ....:)
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@YinofYang I think that baking is like a whole different level of doing things.....i can't remember how many cakes i burned trying to make the perfect cake........FAIL
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@judyT Glad to hear that it's off at the very least. May your recovery also be swift. :) @miranpark88 Yes, it's so, so true. Baking requires some skills of which I'm still definitely working on. LOL! Cooking you can usually save, not so with baking.
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