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I don't know why it took me so long to see @danidee card encouraging Vinglers to send in photos of their amazing cats, but I'm so glad I finally saw it.

Meet Meeko, the spunky cat who loves water!

I adopted my baby from an animal shelter when she was just six weeks old. She was born in the shelter after someone brought in a pregnant cat. Honestly, she has really saved me. I have terrible anxiety and nothing helps me calm down faster than this little girl running towards me and purring after a stressful day.
One of the weirdest and most adorable things about Meeko is that she absolutely loves water. She loves jumping in the shower while I'm taking a shower. She tries to stop the water from going down the drain in my bathroom sink. She swats at the water in her water bowl. She loves water is all shapes and forms.
Loves: Playing with water, jumping in the shower, watching TV, eating, sleeping, climbing curtains and running through my apartment for no apparent reason.
Dislikes: Vacuums, the vet and dogs she doesn't know.
@shellyBallentin @Helixx @danidee Thanks! She is truly a great friend :)
Her coloring and the pattern of her fur is so beautiful! I love calicos.
Awe! She's so cute!
Awe, what a precious baby!! I think I just have to love your Meeko!!
It's so funny how much she loves water too lol.