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The older I get, the cooler these robots and video games get.
It seems like just yesterday that the cool thing was getting a PS3 and that level of technology, now the new systems and robots blow those things out of the water. Yesterday I shared a post about the new chairs that pull themselves into the table upon a handclap, today I am going to introduce you to the Alice droid. This thing is downright scary at times.
Boston Dynamics has been working diligently to create a worker robot that will ease the burden on human workers (or simply take their jobs) in the near future.
I have always been a bit leery at these robot companies, and the power these creations may have down the line. What happens when we make these things more powerful than us?
Maybe I'm thinking too deep. For now, enjoy the video of the Atlas droid above!
But don't you just wait for the robot to smack the guy with the hockey stick on his face?
Although they are very impressive, these robots are not very useful comparing to more task specific robots. The thing is that they rely very heavily on machine learning, and this is why Google bought Boston Dynamics. It's just another platform that runs their algorithms and thus helps them improve their targeted adds, which is the only way Google is making money.
oh dear!!