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When a tortilla and meat come together, the tortilla becomes filled with toppings. After about five minutes or so, a baby burrito is conceived.
While most couples take to social media to post photos of their newborn, these two best friends decided to take things up a notch. In the same fashion, both Ella Gale, 28, and M.K. Paulsen, 31, took to Facebook to show off their newborn -- well, burrito. Yes, you read that correctly.
Being comedians, the two made light of what pretty much everyone sees when they scroll down their timeline -- babies. Instead of posting photos of an actual newborn baby, the two decided to hire a photographer and post photos of them with a baby burrito. Let's just guess and say it was from Chipotle [pre-salmonella scare].
Paulsen told Cosmopolitan, "To be honest, I'll never forget the first time I saw Ella and thought to myself, "One day I'm going to have a burrito with that woman! We aren't in a romantic relationship but are very good friends that one day decided to just have a burrito together. We thought it would be easier than dating. And we are really making it work together."
Keep scrolling to see the amazing photo shoot below and make sure you aren't eating a burrito while reading this, it just wouldn't sit right.

Who would much rather just eat the burrito?

sofritas are so life!!! @danidee
I do like Chipotle though! Them sofritos are bomb.
YES, I agree. I've definitely had better burritos than just chipotle, but burritos are life so it works for sure @danidee
I live in a border town, so I'm kind of a Mexican food snob, and MAN.. they could have gone with a better burrito than Chipotle!!! Either way, I still get it though. I get the burrito love. <3
LOL this is AMAZINGGGGG. I'm dying right now. Peoples' hilarity and creativity boggle my mind 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
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