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I have mentioned that I get an ombre dress in @humairaa post. So here is my dress, I just ordered it last week when my last semester final result has released ! Although my CGPA tend to be the lowest in my entire diploma and degree life =( but i'm just glad as I've GRADUATE with dual award in Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Management !
Due to I have limited budget, I just get a more affordable dress online for $135.
Yay or Nay??
Cant wait to wear this dress though !
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I love this dress especially it's ombre effect. U'll rock your graduation ball in it!!
That dress is beautiful!! I love the colors!!!
@humairaa Thanks ^^ it is very sweet of you
@MyAffairWith Thanks! Colour is the main reason I gt this dress XD I always love ombre
@waanderer I love ombré as well and it's also the reason why I love the dress.