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Over the past year, I have gotten fairly hip to these eating contests.
I must admit, I thought those contests were flukes, but apparently these people train year round to prep for the big moment.
Twenty-one-year-old U.K. student Kate Ovens is someone who can handle mighty meals. She’s a competitive eater, and in her latest video she tackles a calorie-packed monstrosity known as the “Jam Burger.”
The massive meal boasts 28 ounces of meat (three burgers, three portions of pulled pork), plus bacon. When she picks up the plate at the beginning of the video, you get a glimpse of how big this burger is.. and it's MASSIVE.
Ovens doesn't even flinch upon sighting the massive meal. Not only does she finish the entire course, but she eats the whole thing in under 10 mins.
My god this is one hell of a woman. I don't think there's a dad in America that wouldn't welcome this lady as his daughter in law with open arms after watching this one.
@alywoah Probably not. She is probably cursed like I am with a raging metabolism. I know, everyone is like "shut the fuck up, I wish I could eat whatever I want and not gain a pound", No. Don't ever say that. I probably run 8,000 to 10,000 calorie diet daily and if I don't, I will start losing mass like crazy. My wife talked me into quitting drinking during the week and within 14 days, I lost 25 pounds. That would be fine if my normal specs weren't 6'8" at 180 lbs.
I am impressed. I wonder if she works out to burn all those calories off...