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So, i got a copy printed off of the picture EXO took with the fans at the Rosemont. Unfortunately, I am just out of frame. I thought that it would b fitting to put it in the Chicago picture frame I bought. and again, thank you all for ur thoughts, prayers, and unwavering support with my eomma. She will likely be going home sometime tomorrow. will b on vacation from work for the nxt week, which was planned anyway...so she will have lots of time to get rest. Unnie may be coming from the U.P. next weekend.
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awe cute ideaaa glad to hear your mom gets to restt hope everything gets betterr ♡♡
@MrsBangYongguk I was down on the main floor, 12 rows back from the pit/stage off to the left of the stage as we were facing it. second section from the wall (111) I had an aisle seat, and was actually IN the aisle for most of the show, so you may have. I'll tag u in my EXO'luXion cards for the pics I and my friend took.
i wonder if I saw you. i was in the balcony xD