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While there are several makeup artists surfacing the Instagram world, this makeup artist in particular has taken all of us back to our childhood. Sara, also known as QueenofLuna is a makeup guru who takes doing makeup up a notch with her amazing techniques in recreating everything from Disney princesses to your favorite [or not so favorite] comic book villains.
You can follow this artist on her Instagram [here], but in the meantime keep scrolling to see some of her best transformations that will make you immediately make you drop your jaw.

Makeup Inspired By: Tinkerbell

Makeup Inspired By: Cruella De Vil

Makeup Inspired By: Mulan

Makeup Inspired By: Harley Quinn

Makeup Inspired By: Ariel

Talk about spot on replicas.

What look is your favorite?
I love love LOVE this and the fact that she is a hijabi and creatively uses the scarf 馃挅
Cruella eyebrows on fleeeeeekk
I agree with you! could def work as cosplay @CreeTheOtaku
well it's good for cosplaying ideas
wow nice
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