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Rule Number 1: Seungri DOES NOT play around
Especially when it comes to his "Everything"
Honestly, I sort of looking forward to where this "Everything" leads to lol
Stage Name: Seungri, Victory, V.I., Panda .....and now simply EVERYTHING
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I feel like Everything suites him well. This is why he is my favorite Maknae!
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haha someone hide this panda he recking things
2 years ago·Reply
As I m trying to finish my notifications.... and a Creeper is watching me... and her name is @KwonOfAKind... how odd... huh?😒😒😒😒
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetop ••••idk, who ever it is better stop being such a many creepers on the Internet these days just ew (×_×)••••
2 years ago·Reply
@KwonOfAKind I will send you the full evidence... as she look like u, talk like u, act like u, she knows @helixx secret too... and she love booty call... odd very weird.... since I won't be able to finish reading my notifications... I might just bombing u girls!!!!
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