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Ever since @JordanNash wrote up a card about animals that can get high, my perception of the relationship between a cat and his catnip has been forever changed.
No, seriously. Do you guys think this is really what it's like to be a cat wacked out on catnip?
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@danidee I wanted to do it. But my dog placed in dog show so I wanted to step back from this one. 馃樅
@danidee I'm exhausted just thinking about chasing my cats around with a camera.馃槩 Maybe you can do new contests later in the year so new vinglers can join in. Then I'll do it.
@Danse OoOOoo.. okay. I will have to brainstorm. Maybe if I am still moderating Funny in May-ish!
that's weird my dog has the same look when I put LSD in his food... must be an animal thing.
@hhead232 Damn dogs and their LSD.