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I'm so mad.
I'm so mad, because even at the time of writing this, I am precisely 20 days late to the party.
On February 5th, musical wonders and my all-time favorite band Say Anything put out their latest album, free to stream on Youtube.
I think I'm even more mad that I found out because of checking Instagram while I was on the toilet. I saw a post from them about the album and, well, I was lucky to be on the toilet.
(Because I pooped.)
The new album is called "I Don't Think It Is" and that right up there is the first track "Give a Damn."
Right from the first note, from the very start, I fell immediately in love with the whole album. Something about it resounded immediately with me. (Get it? GET IT?)
That's kind of a big deal for me. I've loved Say Anything since I was probably 14 or 15. I've listened to every one of their songs that I can find, all the way back to the Dormroom Demos and other lost specials. When they put out their collection of Early Rarities I felt like it was made just for me. I have a Say Anything tattoo. I fucking love this band.
That being said, I didn't love Anarchy, My Dear. I do like it, now, after some time. Probably more that I like some songs off of the album now, but when it was new I wasn't thrilled. I had to take some time getting to enjoy Hebrews, too. I needed to warm to it. Maybe I wasn't ready for the change in musical directions Max took. Maybe because Coby left. I don't know what it was.
But all that has gone out the window now.
I feel like a kid again, back in 2009 when I first listed to the self-titled. I am head over heels in love with Say Anything once again, and it's fucking fantastic.
I've only listened to the whole album through one time, and on my second listening already while I type this out, frantically trying to encapsulate this giant feeling of happiness and wonder into cohesive statements about the music.
Basically, if I had to do a quick sum up of this album, it's that Max is flexing his artistic muscles all over the place, and he has awesome backup doing it with him. For this album, they brought in Darren King, the drummer from the band Mutemath.
(Fun fact; these guys are tied, sorta, by family. King is married to Stacy Dupree, sister to Sherri Dupree, Max's wife. The ladies are part of the band Eisley, who are also awesome.)
I can't say that this new album hearkens back to the sound of Is a Real Boy... era Say Anything. It is new and different, but the core of it all feels very 'Max'. It feels like he has made this for himself, for his art, without worrying over-much about people who have been critical of him trying new things.
This is currently my favorite song on the album, though it's in close competition with "17 Coked Up Speeding".
In this song, Max says more eloquently than I ever could exactly what this album is about. It's about doing what the fuck you're gonna do. It's brilliant.
The album finisher might even send that message clearer. "Varicose Visage" feels like the newest iteration of 'Admit It" in a way. It is less a sound with those octave chords we all love and more a cutting, derisive rant against the nay-sayers who want to restrain the music.
At least, that's how I see it right now.
Whatever the case may be, this album is fucking amazing, and you should go listen to it all, right now.
i like blasting this album while i drive in my Ford
I love sliced bread AND Max Bemis, so clearly, I must listen to this album too.
Isn't it awesome when your favorite band comes back! This is really close to the feeling I had when The Libertines reunited. I'm so happy that you have this album!!! It seems like you're really stoked, and that music means a lot to you. This was a really joyous read for me, Its awesome that this band inspires you so much! I'll have to give the album a full listen soon!!! YEEESSSSSSS
@danidee DO IT