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Hello lovely Video Game Vinglers!

Some of you might have seen the new community support card that moderator-ator @paulisadroid posted last week, but I just wanted to quickly say hi to everyone! :)
First of all, I am so happy and excited to be part of the moderation team along with @InVinsybll and @paulisadroid! And I've also been bestowed the title of Droid Corp's Gaming Department Head! XD XD
As you guys might already know, I love talking about old-timey games and horror games (I secretly wish we could all play Outlast together). I also love sharing gaming comics with you all and reading your funny and relatable comments. It's one of my favorite things to do everyday! <3

So thank you for being a wonderful little community and I hope to learn more about all of you and have an awesome Vingle adventure together! ^_^

Feel free to shoot me a message anytime, I would love to chat with you guys! :)

Tagging just a few of the many awesome people I talk to here~
Yeah PMO is here to say. Plus you did set yourself up for it haha. Your welcome!!
Dang PMO @poojas making your come up!! Good luck with the new promotion(⌒-⌒; )!!!
@TurtleyTurtles Thank you, me too! ^^ @paulisadroid Got it!
From the Desk of Paul I. Droid, CEO of Droid Corp: Welcome. Do not ask questions about the mess.
HiiiiiIIIIIiiiii! {Kirby's voice} <(^o^)> I look forward to more game conversations with you!
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