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As much as the media likes to keep her name in their mouth for all the wrong reasons, we are all well aware that Zendaya's Disney days are long over. The young beauty has blossomed into a beautiful woman whose taste in fashion is definitely something worth staring at.
From the versatility of her hair to her play on fashion, she keeps it cute and keeps the haters on mute. I wanted to start a Fridays series called 'fashion crush' where fashionable women are showcased weekly and I figured I would start off with none other than miss Zendaya herself. So, without further ado -- keep scrolling to see Z keep it fly and fashionable.

Are you a fan of any of these looks?

Which one is your favorite?
Love 'em all, especially the last one :D
she definitely slays FOR SURE! @Jasminep96
I love them all! She slays all the time. She's so great!
She's definitely fly! I think the last look is great. Black and gold are always the perfect combo @shannonl5