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You've seen the movies. You've heard the march. And even if you're not a huge Star Wars fan, it's safe to say that you've heard the ominous "DUNNN DUNNN DUNNN, dun-DAH-dun, dun-DAH-dun..." before. (So much so that I didn't even have to physically sing that melody for it to play in your head when you read that!)
But what if Darth Vader's Imperial March didn't have to be so intimidating? What if, instead, it lifted your spirits, gave you hope, encouraged you to go into the battle known as life with your head held high?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you 'Vader's Redemption' - the Imperial March in Major Key.

Listeners, take heed. Side effects may include prideful chest swelling and eyes welling up with tears of devout patriotism.

So how'd you like it? Did Darth make you feel a bit more inspired today?

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@danidee you know me so well 😊😊😊😊
@buddyesd Lol I knew you'd appreciate this as much as I did.
that was so weird lol its new but still familiar
@buddyesd I told @InVinsybll that it was going to be pretty much just me and you that find this amusing but I DON'T CARE. NO POSTING REGRETS WHATSOEVER.