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Here's a cool new phrase to learn!

대로 - "the way"

It's a little hard to explain by itself but when its used in a full word it makes sense!

이대로 - This way, how this is


그대로 - That way, how that is


맘대로 - Your heart's way, "what you heart wants"


Still not really clear right? It's a difficult term to explain...

Let's have GOT7 seonsaengnim try!

Listen at 1:20!

이대로 (지금 이대로) 그냥 이대로

(ee-dae-ro (ji-geum ee-dae-ro) keu-nyang ee-dae-ro)

As you are (right now) just as you are

They're basically saying "This way, just this way" or "Like this"

Another phrase you hear a lot is:

맘대로 해!

(mam-dae-ro hae)

Do what your heart wants/do whatever you want :D

Does that make sense?!

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woot a new phrase! Thank you!
2 years ago·Reply
dead useful!! great card,and album!
2 years ago·Reply
Love this ! Can use it everyday! Thanks!
2 years ago·Reply
짱!^_^ hehe, thanks for making this, it's very helpful! and yes, it does make sense
2 years ago·Reply
맘대로해 ! Love this one ! 감사합니다 !
2 years ago·Reply