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He is totally cute. I don't care if some people said that he didn't good enough in dancing. But, it's not the point. The important thing is he was done for us. As a gift of our love for him. He tried so hard to give the best thing for us. Thank you LEE MIN HO.
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yeah, i agree with you @ismayatirn thank you Lee Min Ho ssi :)
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@ameliasantos, yes he is totally adorable when he had been doing that. Kissing for his adorable !
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i agree, he does it for the fans.. he doesn't care if he is not the best dancer but he does try his best to sing and dance, to please the fans so kudos to him. he earned the respect and love of all minoz.
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@minozphil, yes...that's why we're proud to be minoz....,<3
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