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Yay! I love these games...a little TOO much... This was created by the lovely @sarabear1021 Well lets get on with it Gummyz!!!
Yoongi!!! Not bad... I got my second bias in the group!!! 'Now I'm your yeobo, not Jimin-ah' 'Aish...he is still my bias!' 'No I will be taking over THAT position from now on!' He truly annoys me with his wonderful swag....
Well damn!!!! Someone is going to look amazing!!! 'That will be genius Min Yoongi' 'No, its me!! I am the bride!!!' *Yoongi chuckles while walking away*
♥~♥ Its.....huge! Bigger than what I would like to have on my finger! 'Go big or go home' 'You didn't have to get something like this' 'It has to be the best for my beautiful lady' .....I just gave myself feels......
Will that include Monsta X and Sistar???? Kidding....I actually don't know much about Boyfriend...they seem like nice guys (I really don't need another band thanks but I am sure they are lovely)
♥~♥.... 찐차?? Maui?? That's a beautiful place....I want to go!! 'You're going with me' 'Yoongi, I know' But....if only it was real!!
Well, that's beautiful!!! Looks like an amazing place to raise kids (why am I thinking that?) 'I want a big house, big rings' *stares at Yoongi* 'Well you got it!' 'Swag~'
0~0 That's too many for me!! 'Think about it little Suga's running around' 'I was thinking two though...'
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