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I love girl scout cookies. Mint, peanut butter.. they are all amazing.
According to a church in Missouri, nibbling on the tasty cookies may cost me my soul. That's right, according to this catholic church, eating girl scout cookies may lead me to eternal damnation.
Per The Guardian, Archbishop Robert Carlson wrote a letter addressed to the “Priests, Scout Leaders and Faithful of the Archdiocese” claiming these delightful treats are a major part of the ethical dilemma posed by Girl Scouts USA.
The big problem? According to Carlson, WAGGGS directly and indirectly promotes abortion and contraception, or what he terms “abortion rights” and “reproductive rights,” across the age spectrum of its members. As a result he wrote:
" In a statement, it said with measured diplomacy that it looked forward “to extending our longstanding relationship with faith-based organizations, including the Catholic Church and Catholic communities throughout the country… We remain committed to building girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.”

So, girl scout cookies and abortion go hand in hand now? Im lost here.. help me fellow Vinglers.

So the Girl Scouts founded WAGGGS, the larger organization. One of the women who worked with the organization also did work supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion rights. Neither organization does any work for PP. There is nothing in the materials they send out to troops that communicate a message of support for PP (at least not in the 90s and early 00s when I was part of the organization). And if people check they debunked this but why would any of these people check facts when the real agenda is taking down an organization that teaches young girls self-confidence, respect, self-worth, and gives them a sense of community?
samoas are so amazing! LITERALLY! @TurtleyTurtles
This is so stupid. They're little girls. Most don't even know what an abortion even is. Why are these churches going nuts and doing the opposite of what they stand for? I don't think many people will stop buying them because of this. @jordanhamilton my favorite are samoas, too! They're selling them now, and it's really hard to walk past them when I leave the store! Lol!
if this line of reasoning was followed for EVERYTHING, we'd all be guilty of this and that. ridiculous
@jordanhamilton I personally think that it'll teach girls some marketing techniques that they'll discover themselves on field. It's far better than to study theories.
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