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self harm
semi Smut.

Thank you for your support (^_^)
Note some events might be to much for some readers. violence and abuse, both sexually, emotionally and physically will be involved in some part.
story is not base on how the idol truly are this is all made believe hehe.

Rated Matured
It happen again, I had that dream- no that nightmare of him were someone was hurting him and forcing him to lay there while they had their way with him he tried to scream but they covered his mouth to stop his screaming and crying. i could see the pain and fear in his tearful eyes the way they look at me almost like if they call out to me to save him to help him but i didn't no i couldn't how could I.. i wasn't even there in person strangely enough i was the music box that played in the back ground i could hear his cries as he begged them to stop
"please stop please... Namjoon"
why? why would he call out my name
"help me Namjoon" but I can't I wasn't even there when this happen to you
"make it stop please Namjoon"
he cried for my help over an over it almost seem as if he could see me stand there
"namjoon please don't go..."
Wait is he talking to me.... wait where are we.... no!...No not this dream again I don't want to remember this day
"Namjoon please listen to me" "don't touch me.... "
no wait stop! I wanna wake up!
"why! what did i do to you! why do you hate me ?!"
"you disguise me "
the look in his eyes that day was the time i saw my childhood friend become blank and empty inside
"don't walk away from me... Namjoon I hate you!! you didnt Help me you weren't there when i need you!! "
Taehyung I'm so sorry Please Taehyung don't cry.... i didn't mean it
"Namjoon..... Namjoon..... Nam-"
"JOOOON! Wake up And open the door its freezing out here! Namjoon!"
"Jin..... holy crap i slept in again!" My eyes open wide as I quickly sat up from My bed. I haven't had those dream in so long why now why did they come back again I thought to myself still sitting in bed "Namjoon! You better open this goddamn door before i kick it open myself" Yoongi shouted banging on the front door. "Namjoon... Please wake up or this will be the last time I come for you" Jin shouted from outside My bedroom window
Jin is my closest friend he was the first friend I made when I move here I met him in middle school around 7th grade, He was this quiet yet friendly boy who loved the color pink which surprisingly actually suited him, He like a mother to me seriously he use to make me my lunch and it actually tasted good too.
the loud green mint ice cream boy is Jin next door neighbor he moved next door around the beginning of high school and stuck to Jin ever since

"Mother f**king One....F**king Two....." he shouted getting ready to kick the door open
"Yoongi wait!" Jin holler running towards Yoongi "THAT IT f**king three!" Yoongi flow through the front door and on to the floor as I open it "whoops " I chuckled Yoongi face flash red as he got mad kinda like the way Tinkerbell face would get when she got really mad or embarrass
"bastard! I'm Going to Ki-" Jin cut yoongi off and walk in grabbing him by his hood of his jacket an pulled him back
"Namjoon why are you still in your sweat pants an T-shirt do you have any idea what time it is"
Jin nagged me ignoring Yoongi who struggle around trying to break loose from Jin grip
"yeah sorry i kinda slept in I didn't even hear my alarm go off" I explain rubbing the back off my neck.
Jin flash a sweet smile at me "its okay just go get dress"
"alright " i nod as I ran up stair to take a quick shower. Jin has always been the type of person who would take care of his friend no matter what he kept that smile of his that smile that has always been the most gentlest smile i have ever seen, it's no wonder why girl always ask him to be their Valentine and gave him sweet and its not that I'm jealous because he would give me the sweet to eat so i didn't mind but I still wish someone ask me to be their Valentine but i guess since i always look mad an the type of person that would bully you people avoid me, Jin was the only person who spoke to me Its was the second week that I've been going to that school and one day this Pink shirt girly boy came up to me an introduce himself and flash that smile of his i was shock at the fact that he wasn't scared of me.

At first I was kind of hard on him and ignored him but he still kept that gentle smile of his every time he would see me it piss me off

"Ay f**kboy hurry up i need to pee!" Yoongi bang on the bathroom door
"Yoongi!" Jin shouted and what sound like he toss him onto the couch and nagged him to stop
By the time i got out the shower yoongi was fast asleep on the couch and Jin was picking up the mess yoongi made I went to my room and started looking for my school uniform when I
heard a gentle knock from outside my bedroom door

"Can I come in?" jin ask quietly and slightly opening the door already
I hummed a yes as he came in he stood there for a cool second staring at me "Jin" I called out but still his eyes didn't look away
he keep looking at me "hello...jin" I snap my fingers bring him back to reality
"you okay dude is my body to much for you" I clowned Jin face turn slightly pink
he look away as he sat on my bed the room went silent for a while
"hey..sorry about yoongi he wanted to tag along and followed" Jin said breaking the awkward silence
"Nah its cool he fun to mess with anyways its cute if you ask me" I said as I turn to look at jin reaction.
By the look of his face he got jealous an look at the ground I've always knew Jin had feeling for me but i never said anything because I didn't want to hurt him and ruin our friendship so every time he tried to confess i would avoid it or switch the subject
"hey um Namjoon can I tell you something" Jin ask still looking at his feet twirling his fingers together "go for it" i said putting on my shoes
"um you see I've been trying to tell you this for some time..and um.."
"crap!! how long are you guys going to be up here " yoongi barged in cutting off Jin and thank God that he did Jin glared at Yoongi who still look half asleep Jin took a deep breath to control himself from killing yoongi "alright I got my beanie, my backpack and whatever else i need lets go" Jin turn to look at me with these sad eyes
"awe whats wrong " i said wrapping my arm around him Jin grin return upon his face his eye filled with joy "Gaaay" Yoongi said killing the moment "so yeah...I'm gonna go " yoongi took off running when he notice Jin fist ball up and took off after him "hey! wait up " i said running behind them

"crap crap!" i ran back an lock the door than took off again


"Your going to love it here everyone here is nice an respectful you'll make friend in no time" The principle said to a boy with a blank look on his face as he showed him around "thank you " the boy bowed

"YAH! stop chasing me already I'm tired" yoongi shouted as he trip and fell in front of the school principle Yoongi roll on to his back when he notice the school principle look down on him
Jin unaware jump on top of yoongi who still was on the ground and started to smack him Yoongi smacking him back trying to get him to stop they almost look like they were playing patty cake Jin grab a fist full of Yoongi hair "stop it ow " he cried as he grab a hold of Jin hands, Jin notice Yoongi signaling him to look up with his eyes and mouthing the words "the principal " Jin eyes widen when he realize that the principle was staring at him, he quickly got off of Yoongi an repeatedly bows and apologizes "Just the boy i wanted to see" "who me?" yoongi answer sarcastically as he dusts off his clothes "Jin I like you to meet our new student " The principle continues ignoring yoongi existences
"hello I'm Jin, Kim seok Jin " he introduce himself to the new student who smile so emptily and emotionless "he will be showing you around okay" the principle explains as he walks back to his office the hall went silent until a voice filled with sorrow was hear

the boy smile became big his eyes widen as he said excitedly "Namjoon!"
I couldn't believe who i saw standing before me it was the boy in my nightmares
My childhood friend Kim Taehyung......
sorry if it's long I hope you like it (^.^) i was excited writing this part lol
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