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Decided to put a little detail to our wedding:) cuz come on its taeyang😍
My husbang taeyang yes!!! We will be happy together and hopefully he will only look at me:))
This beautiful dress that i suprised him with on our wedding day:)
Beautiful ring that Taeyang picked out for me when he asked me to marry him on valentines day:)
We both wanted a nice romantic wedding reception to show our passion for each other
Our guests of honor monsta x of course but keep wonho away from me i don't think i can resist temptation😁
Like our love we wanted a beautiful romantic honeymoon where we can relax and half fun lmao jk no not kidding
Of course me an Tae decided to stay in korea and live in a beautiful modern korean house:))
And finally the honeymoon got to us, we got freaky and had 5 children 2 girls and 3 boys:)