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"GAH!!!" *THUMP* What was that? Something heavy fell nearby. I sat up in my bed and turned the lamp on. Across the room, on the floor, was Jimin tangled in his blankets and staring at me. "Sorry, did I wake you?" He got up in attempt to untangle himself but fell again.
"Do you need any help there?" I was slightly concerned but at the same time I was laughing at his struggle against his blanket. Jimin stood up again successfully and started to untangle himself. A sat cross-legged on my bed laughing as he continued to struggle. After he had successfully gotten himself free from his blanket he sat on his bed panting. I walked over to his bed and sat beside him. "You okay? You fell out of your bed, so is there a reason?"
"I-I had a bad dream. Th-that's all. You-you don't need to worry about me, really." He said shakily.
"Liar." He snapped his head up to look at me. "There is definitely something wrong. Was it your dream?" Jimin sighed then nodded slowly. "Well then, last night you calmed me from my dream, now it's my turn to do so for you." I wrapped my arms around him and rubbed his head. "You can tell me about your dream. It can make you feel better if you talk about it."
"Alright." Jimin sighed again and told me his dream. I sat holding him in my arms while I listened to his nightmare. I listened to the entire rant without saying anything as he kept talking. "I guess that's the entire dream as far as I could remember. Are you still awake, y/n?" I nodded then let go of him. "It was a bit complicated, but thank you for listening to me the entire time." I nodded again but fell backwards onto his bed from tiredness.
"Now you're not." I heard him stand up and walk beside me. He picked me up and set me in my bed then cover me with a blanket. Jimin went back to his bed and fell back asleep.
"MORNING! BREAKFAST! UP! UP!" Someone yelled from the kitchen. I sat up and rubbed my eyes then left my room for the kitchen. Jimin and Jungkook were in the kitchen pouring cereal and milk into bowls. "Oh, y/n, you're the first one to get up. Apart from us, of course." The others walked into the kitchen still looking tired. "Grab a bowl and a glass then go sit down." We all did as Jimin said and ate our cereal together. "We have an hour to get ready." I stood up and put my bowl in the sink then went back to my room.
I did my morning routine quickly then went back to the living room to wait for everyone else. Once everyone was ready, we left for the Big Hit building. At the Big Hit building, the boys signed in and got me to do a bunch of paperwork. All of the papers were just health papers and contracts about information release. After an hour or so, I had finally finished. BTS' manager welcomed me brightly and introduced me to someone.
"Hello y/n! I'm Lee KiYon, your supervisor. I'll be teaching you how to do your job here and I will be looking over your work as you submit them. Please follow me." I followed her to the elevator then we walked down a few halls. "This is your office for now. You are allowed to customize this as you wish, but no paint." I walked into the little office space and looked around. "So, your job..."
She explained to me what I will be doing while I am here. I listened to every word she said to make sure I don't mess up too horribly. The job didn't seem to difficult, but apparently after 3 years of it, it gets boring.
"Recently, one of the other workers left us and moved to another country. You are filling his spot, so we are expecting much from you." KiYon stopped in front of a door. "This is BTS' practice room. You'll be also helping the choreographers to make their dances appealing. Anyways, back to your office." We walked to another floor that didn't have much at first. "These are their studios. They always request that they are not disturbed unless it's urgent." I nodded and walked down the hall of doors aimlessly.
"But, not all of them produce the songs, like Jin and Jimin." I said.
"They don't really have studios like Suga. But they all have offices to do their part of their work. Come on, we don't want to disturb them." I followed KiYon back to the office area. "You know what, y/n?"
"Hm? What?"
"You're really lucky to be able to work with the boys. You'll be working with them almost or as much as the choreographers and PD-nim. We all work with them, but I doubt they remember all of us since there are so many."
"I'm sure they know all of you! They work with you guys all the time."
"They know us, but only for work reasons. Like the stylist noonas, they will sometimes say their names, but not often." I didn't realize how difficult it would be to remember around a hundred names of co-workers.
"Oh, well, I'm sure they know some very well."
"Sure they do. But I don't blame them. They all work hard for their fans." We reached the office floor and continued talking about the boys.
"Oh, you can call me Kiki if you want. What is it?"
"Well, Kiki, who is your favorite BTS member? I just wanted to know."
She was a little taken aback but she thought about it for a second. "My favorite, Jimin. Ah, he's so cute sometimes. He's so amazing! I doubt he would go on a date with someone like me, or on a date in general. The fans would kill me!" She squeezed her eyes shut and put her hands on her face.
"Do you like Jimin? Like, like-like him?" She nodded and sat on a nearby chair.
"Oh! How I wish he could notice me! I'm more than one of his fans, I'm his co-worker!" I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to tell her that I had picked him as my guard, so I sat across from her. "Wait." She lifted her head and grabbed my wrists. "You're living with them, aren't you?!" I nodded, surprised by her sudden outburst. "Could you do me this one thing for me? I'll repay you the favor later. Please, could you get Jimin to notice me, and maybe, just maybe, be my friend?"
AAAAGH!!!! So sorry that there's been such a big gap from Tae's chapter. This has actually been up for almost a week, but I didn't get around to it. Anyways, I'm thinking of what to do about this story. Little things that seem interesting to the readers. I do have a few ideas that I want to put in there, but for other members, I don't really. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! ᅟ I hope you are enjoying the story! Boing~
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