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*Boom* Agh. That hurt. I think I fell out of my bed, which is abnormal for me. I heard Namjoon wake up somewhere to my left.
"Y/N? Was that you?" Namjoon said sleepily.
"Uh, um, yeah. I kinda fell out of my bed. Oops." I just kinda just laid there on the floor, too lazy to move right now. Namjoon turned on his table lamp to see me better.
"Are you okay, y/n? It sounded like it hurt." He got out of his bed and sat beside me on the floor. "Get up now. This floor isn't exactly clean like it should be." I covered my face with my blanket to ignore him. "Kookie's bed was right about here and he never cleaned under his bed. You'll get sick if you don't move."
"Whatever, Namjoon." I uncovered my face to look at him. "I'm not moving. I'm feeling lazy right now."
"That's called being tired." I shrugged at him. "If you won't move yourself..." I looked at him questioningly while he positioned himself to stand. "...I'll move you myself."
"Wait...what?" I asked confused. Then he picked me up, blanket and all, and set me on my bed. "Uh. Okay...then..." Namjoon stood beside my bed looking proud of his work.
"Now, is there an actual reason you fell out of your bed?" He sat on the edge of my bed and stared at me until I said something.
"Just a dream, just a dream." Namjoon made a sarcastic sound at my answer. "It's like when you move because you're dreaming something very vivid. That's what happened."
"What if it was a vision of the future?" Namjoon had a contemplative look on his face as he told me his philosophy. "Like, that was a fracture of what's to come? Or, maybe it was a memory from your past life. Maybe it was an important memory to be passed down to you." He continued to ramble on for a few more minutes while I sat pretending to care a lot.
"Namjoon." I said after I got tired of listening to his philosophies. "You don't even know what my dream was." He made an 'Oh, that thing...' face. "I'll tell you my dream so your philosophies can be, I don't know what, maybe more realistic." He nodded and listened while I told him my dream of losing him to the facility and other stuff.
"Okay, forget what I said about that being a vision for the future since that won't be happening."
"I've already forgotten what you said earlier, anyways." He looked a little offended but continued with more philosophies. Sometime during his barrage of philosophies I fell asleep.
"Y/N~ La~Lala~ Lalala~ Y/N~" I opened my eyes and saw Namjoon dancing in circles in the middle of the room. "You're awake? Well we have an hour to get ready so we are gonna eat a quick breakfast. Now, come on little miss sleepy head." He grabbed my hand and help me out of bed and into the kitchen, even though I didn't need it.
"Y/N! We've already got you a bowl of cereal over here. Hopefully it isn't too mushy yet. Sorry if it is." Taehyung said when I walked out. I sat down and ate the cereal and finished along with the others. We cleaned up then got ready for the day. I got ready as quickly as I could then waited for everyone to also be ready. We were all ready then we left for the Big Hit building.
I stayed close to Namjoon as we walked into the building with the others. The boys were greeted warmly and they greeted them back. Many of the workers took notice of me hidden behind Namjoon. At first, they thought that I was another fan that tried to make my way to BTS. They were about to get security but then the boys casually talked to me, which made them freeze in their tracks. I registered as a worker then was met by BTS' manager.
"Y/N! Hello there!" He gave a slight bow to me and then to the boys. Half of them had already left but the other half stayed with me. "Today, you will be introduced to your new job here. In summary, you'll be asked to give your opinion on behalf of the fans and public. You'll be working with the boys to better their work. Other than that, you'll be like, um, their assistant." Another man walked up to him and bowed to him before looking at me.
"Hello there. Are you y/n?" The man asked me. I nodded.
"Hello, I'm Y/N who will start to work here for BTS." I bowed to him.
"Well then, I'll show you around and go into detail about your job here. You'll be working alongside me most of the time. Follow me please. We have prepared an office for you. It's nothing fancy, but it'll get you through a few months or so." We walked up a few flights of stairs then walked down a hall. "This is you new office." He slid the door open and gestured for me to enter. "So, what do you think?"
A table sat on one side of the room with a black computer that looked pretty nice. A blue wheely chair was pushed under the table too. The walls were a glassy white and I could faintly see silhouettes of people on the other side. I stepped in and looked inside a box in the corner of the office. A few office supplies like notebooks and pens were in it.
"This is really nice." I faced him and realized something. "Um, have you told me your name yet?"
"Oh! I'm so sorry, y/n! My name is Chi KyungJa." He bowed to me then smiled at me.
"I'll give you a few details about your job then you can start getting used to the place."
"Babe? Is that you in there?" A woman's voice said. A hand wrapped around the door frame and a face popped in. "There you are Kyunggy!" She wrapped her arms around him then looked at me. "Who are you? I've never seen you before." She scowled at me then said menacingly to me, "Are you trying to take my boyfriend from me?!?"
Woooo! Another chapter finished! I really need to get this story picked up again. In my last card, Jimin's c7, I think I said that I didn't really have an excuse for it. (yes, I did forget what I said less than 10 minutes ago) In reality, I was learning the Dope dance. I made a mistake yesterday when I was practicing it. I sped up the dance video to 1.5 speed. My legs still hurt. Anyways!!! I need ideas for the story and I wanna know if you readers are enjoying this. So, suggestions and feedback is welcomed. And if you have any questions, those are welcomed too. Alrighty, I hope you are enjoying the story! Boing~
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