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This sweet and utter delight Oh, it's enough for wings and flight Ah, it is now, the time, tonight Let us believe, it is our pretty night Because, no we won't fight . . . I will lay down my walls now You will soon take your bow Neither of us will care to ask how You're nervous, sweat on brow And all I can think is just, "Wow," I am in your arms, alone And none can reach my phone Kisses with an enticing moan Bits of skin are now shone This is our favorite zone. . . Hands on hips, on bare skin This is for the utter, perfect win Oh, we know it's a complete sin And there wasn't need for gin All I see is your charming grin Next morning your gone away But that is because of day Night comes, it's our own way We shouldn't do it or even say. . . But, I love you, will agree or nay? You say it back and the sun . . . It casts it's rays on you, my one The day is full of love and fun Until one day you are done In the ground, taken from me, gun Shadows streak in, I think And for a moment, not one blink Wash my hands in the cold sink My world has suddenly shrink And you were a kink Bullet in, ready to see you Too much to bare, nothing new There is nothing else to do I miss this, love this, someone, who? No one, ghost shadow, blood . . .true
So I hope you all enjoyed that one! Let me know what you think! Thank you for reading! Comment and asked to be tagged if you want to be! @AnimeFan4Evr
no problem @mistresssiren I write poems myself I just havent uploaded any yet but keep writing your really good. your painted the picture for me I only read it once to understand what was going on. if i dont have to re read a poem 2or3 times to understand its good ;-)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll keep that in mind @GifordPaul and thank you so much for the feedback
Ii love stanzas 3,4,&5 its deep and thats exactly how one would durring a one night stand. I just like how you worded it. very creative and nice choice of descriptive words. Make more one night stand poems lol