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Haiii every one... your kawaii potato is back with a new game results c: !!!

Lawd this is the guy I was trying to avoid xD

this husband of mines is too sexy ;-;

I love mermaid dresses , although I don't think this is my dream dress

Jesus I love the ring!!!

So Youngbae just decided to bring a whole bunch of random women I don't know to my wedding... Jesus boy are you trying to leave before we get married

I'm Speechless

Aww this is a cute house c:

Guess we just weren't ready sexually ?

Tagging the thunder squad


comment below if you want to be tagged in future cards.

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I'm so late omg but this is really cute @sunnydaebak u r such bambam trash😂👌🏻
Shush 😂😂😂 @Sunnydaebak
But when ever I save it doesn't move...😭
@tinathellama its not gonna move unless you post it or have a phone or tablet that is able to move the gif in your gallery also certain apps aren't compatible with gifs so they send it as pictures
That guest of honor one 😂😂😂 naughty taeyang!