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Hell to the YEAH. This song is my new obession, and I just happened to have tripped up on this!!! I LOVE this anime. As soon as I have time I am binge reading the manga. Humm..... it probably has spoilers so be wary. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I have.
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Yyeeeaaahhh. It would have made for a more interesting story. I apologize for my lack of eloquence..... I didn't really expect anyone to see or care about the post haha.
@enchantingsun lol no don't worry about it I just misread. but I also ducking love Tokyo ghoul, and this is dope. thanks for putting it up.
@InVinsybll. Same here! I am the only TG fan around my area. I don't do sweet and gushy well. I am glad you enjoyed it though. ^_^
That's wicked cool! The song is perfect