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"I love you Kookie." Jimin says while looking Jungkook straight in the eyes. "I've been in love with you for awhile, why can't you love me too?" Jungkook gives Jimin a sigh and rubs his forehead.
"Look Jimin, I love you, I love you but not in the same context. You're my brother, my heart belongs to Taehyung, I'm sorry." Jungkook just turns and walks away leaving Jimin with tears filling his eyes. At least he confessed fully to Jungkook, maybe this way he can move on after being rejected properly. Oh who was he kidding Jimin knew the hold Jungkook had on his heart; there was no way that was ever going to change.
Suga steps out from behind the corner. "Hey, Jimin you okay?" Suga places his hand on Jimin's shoulders and Jimin looks the other way trying not to show his teary eyes. "Yeah, hyung I'm okay." Suga starts to pat Jimin's back knowing what he just over heard he knows Jimin isn't okay.
"What could I do for him how can I be there for him to ease his pain?" Suga thought to himself. Suga didn't like to see any of his members upset or hurting he was very empathetic. Jimin wipes his tears away with his hand and forces a smile before turning to look at Suga.
"Ready to go hyung their waiting for us?" Jimin asks Suga just nods his head and gives one last pat on Jimin's back before they headed off to their company's van. Taehyung, Jungkook, and J-hope were sitting in the very back, leaving Suga and Jimin to sit in the middle with Namjoon and Jin. The ride back to the dorm was as normal as could be. Suga kept talking with Jimin and making him laugh. He was glad his hyung was there to cheer him up even though he hoped Suga didn't figure out why he was upset. But in the back of his mind he knew.
Jimin got out of the van and walked to his room, Suga followed. "Hey Jimin, you want to go to the gym or how about the studio?" Jimin thought for a moment before he answered.
"How about the dance studio." Jimin grabs his bag, and Suga grabs his. "Okay man, let's go." Suga said Jimin nods and together they walk out the door.
"Hey Namjoon, Jimin and I are gonna go to the dance studio for a bit and practice, cool." Suga shouts as they leave. Namjoon just shouts back "Okay."
Suga and Jimin reach the studio room and Suga starts to set up the music. "Hey Jimin anything you really want to play?" Jimin walks over to Suga and looks over his shoulder making funny mouth gestures.
"Hmm, how about this one," Jimin points to their song Just one day, Suga nods and puts another song before it so they can stretch. Jimin walks over to the center of the room and starts stretching Suga follows. When the music starts they both dance their hearts out, when the next song comes on its Danger and both of them smile and nod letting each other know they were ready to continue. Jimin was feeling like complete crap and wanted to disappear, but thanks to Suga being with him and dancing with him he felt better. He started to laugh which made Suga happy to see Jimin smile and laughing. It was then Suga realized he had strong feelings for Jimin, and hoped that those feelings could be returned one day.
After a couple more fast paced dance songs, Jimin and Suga dropped to the floor. They practiced hard and their legs where jell-o. “Oh man that was great, exactly what I needed.” Jimin says to Suga. Suga just laughs and agrees with Jimin.
“Yeah man, me too.” Suga sits up and runs his hands through his sweaty hair. Jimin looks at him rolling over on his side.
“Hey Suga, how much did you over hear earlier?” Jimin asks. Suga looks at him confused for a moment, but when he remembers he squints his eyes a little to make it look like he had to think about what Jimin was talking about.
“Honestly bro, I heard it all.” Suga replies as he rubs his chin. Jimin just nods his head, he knew it.
“Is that why we came here?” Jimin asks Suga.
“Yeah it’s part of it, plus I had some energy believe it or not and I felt like extinguishing it.” Suga gives Jimin a smile hoping he would receive one in return. Suga’s heart fluttered when he saw Jimin smile and heard him laugh. Internally he patted himself on the back and was happy that his job was done.
Meanwhile back at the dorm. “Hey Tae hyung what you doing?” Jungkook comes running up to Tae like an excited puppy. He was all kinds of hyper, he was happy to be next to Tae, all he knew is that when Tae was around the world disappeared and it was just them picking on each other and when they were alone they would have deep conversations about anything and everything.
“Not a lot, about to take a shower.” Jungkook gave Tae the puppy eyes, and sticking his bottom lip out. Tae just looked at him and laughed.
“Dude, you really need to work on your cuteness.” Tae pats Jungkook on the head and heads towards the shower. Jungkook watches Tae and looked around the room, the other members of BTS were busy with their own things and Suga and Jimin were out so he thought he would take the chance.
Jungkook followed Tae to the bathroom, placed his hand on the doorknob and his eyes grow big when he noticed it wasn’t locked. Jungkook slowly opens the door and steps inside closing the door quietly. Tae was already in the shower. Jungkook quickly undresses and moves towards the shower, he slips in behind Tae. Tae wasn’t paying attention he was rinsing his hair and he felt someone was behind him all of a sudden. Tae quickly turns around getting soap in his eyes so he had to rub them.
“What the fuck, man!” Tae opens his eyes after rubbing them again making sure he could see clearly. Jungkook just smirked at him, “Shh, careful you’ll fall.” Jungkook moves closer to Tae and plants a soft kiss on his lips. Tae’s eyes are wide open in shock; he didn’t know Jungkook felt this way about him. Jungkook deepens the kiss and rubs his bare chest against Tae’s while pressing himself against Tae wrapping his arms around Tae’s waist.
Tae finds himself about to succumb to Jungkook’s seduction when a knock on the door breaks their kiss.
“Hey is it you Jungkook or Tae in the shower?” Tae’s and Jungkook’s eyes grow wide.
“It’s me hyung, Tae.” Tae yells.
“Okay man, hurry up your not the only one who needs a shower. Plus save the hot water for the rest of us man.” Jin walks away. Tae lets out a big sigh of relief. Jungkook puts his hand over his mouth as he starts to giggle a bit.
“Dude, I think we need to get out.” Tae said as he places his hands on Jungkook’s chest and tries to push him out of the shower.
“Can we finish were we left off?” Jungkook asks.
“Let me think about it okay.” Jungkook nods and gets out of the shower. He puts his clothes back on loosely. He goes to his room and lies on the bed he is in pure heaven right now. Tae couldn’t look anymore sexy all wet in the shower. How’s he going to be able to not touch him more or kiss him more? Tae drives him crazy and he doesn’t even know it.
Tae gets out of the shower, realizing he didn’t bring his clothes with him; he wraps a towel around his waist. As he opens the door J-Hope is standing in front of the door.
“Hey man, I’m next, where’s your clothes?” J-hope asks Tae. Tae just looks at him shocked and places his arm over his bare chest.
“I forgot them.” Tae clears his throat. J-hope just nods his head.
“Well, move dude I’m next.” J-hope shoves Tae out of the door. As Tae turns around to say something to J-hope the door shuts in his face.
“Crap.” Tae thought to himself, he was going to talk to J-hope about something that was bothering him but didn’t get the chance. “There’s always tomorrow.” Tae thought to himself.
Tae walks slowly towards his room, remembering the feeling of Jungkook’s lips on his and their chests pressed together, it wasn’t making his heart flutter at all, and it was giving him a disgusting feeling. Tae realized in that moment that although he loved Jungkook, he had no sexual attraction to him. How was he going to let Jungkook down without losing their friendship? It was something he was gonna have to sleep on it.