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Marvel Survey!

@shannonl5 'cause you wanted the surveys lol Age Range: I will be 20 as of this April Country of origin? America Languages spoken: English only I'm afraid :/ I wanna say I was a marvel fan when I was about 10. I always loved Ironman and Wolverine. Now that I'm older I love Deadpool as well. Least favorite movie.... I honestly can't think of one... cause sadly I have watched any other than all of the Ironman's and the Avengers. Oh and Wolverine Origins. But I have to say I think I would probably hate the Captain America movie, cause I don't care a whole lot for his character (sorry Steve lol) My dream job (currently) is to be a field agent of the FBI. Guess my mom and all those superhero movies set me up for that one lol I adore Vingle on my phone, though that might be because I've never used it on my computer..... Other hobbies included reading, video games, and listening to music.
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oooh FBI field agent is a cool profession!
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