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All throughout the VK Confessions event, I asked you guys for some of your confessions you'd like to make.

5 brave souls came to me with their secrets and I'm sharing them today! Check them out below!

I only know Jackson, Bambam, Mark, and JB from GOT7...

When Big Bang was in New Jersey, Seungri went to a restaurant a few blocks from my house and I saw him from across the street but didn't recognize him!

Not until I saw his instagram post *facepalm*

I recently started to record myself while singing, and discovered that I might actually be a dying whale.

I have a serious crush on Moonbyul when she's dressed as a boy...

I have told people that Jungkook (the background of my phone) is my boyfriend before. I made up a whole story about how he goes to another school blah blah blah

If you have any other confessions you'd like to contribute you can add them in the comments here or message me and I'll post them anonymously.


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when I visit my grandma in Seoul I would try to find where big hit was and try somehow to meet bts in person apparently it never works cause I either forget or I'm too far or I'm chicken πŸ˜‚
When I first got into KPop I thought Baekyeol was an actual member of EXO. I realize now that was a ship name.
I did something like the Jungkook one. One time, I was at my friend's church and I got a notification that BTS was doing a live-stream, so I turned my volume off and just watched it (since everyone around me was on their phones, I though I might as well). It was just Jimin and I think V. They were still live-streaming when we left church and my friend asked me who they were and I pointed to Jimin and I told him that he was my boyfriend. He really thought I was serious and I never told him that I lied. He probably still thinks that I am dating Jimin. πŸ˜‚
Oh my god .. Lol I've done the boyfriend . But I told them that my boyfriend was MIN YOONGI ... Oh god I was staring to believe myself ... Wish it was true though 😘😘😞😞😞
When I first started listening to EXO, I was more frustrated than anything with them because I only clicked on their video for Wolf, so the ad for the music video would stop interrupting the kdrama I was watching....
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