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I'm working my way through Taemin's album and I had to stop and take a step back after this song.

I just...I am so into it.

Our baby boy has grown up.

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OMGGGGG I JUST HEARD IT TODAY AND MY JAW DROPPED!!! He's growing up way too fast.
2 years ago·Reply
I've been listening to his album almost nonstop since it was released. I go into full on clubbing mode whenever Guess Who and Sexuality come on 😂. I always get scared by the beginning of Guess Who though...
2 years ago·Reply
I heard it omgee yyyy taeminie ❤❤❤
2 years ago·Reply
boy taemin got us lit again. this time he be a freak. he must of read our fanfiction
2 years ago·Reply
One by one is giving me all the feels...this whole album is so good😭
2 years ago·Reply