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Since I turned 22 today I wanted to make a list of my top 22 biases! I don't have a specific order for these... at least until I get to my top four... then they will be in order. ;) Don't forget to make your own list and tag me in it.
Starting backwards.. here's 22- 17 ♡
16-11 ♡
10- 5 ♡
My Top 4 biases ♡ Honestly my bias list really only has these four people on it... I can never get past number four when making my real bias list... oh well!
Number Four
Number Three
Number Two...
And finally the love of my life, the peanut butter to my jelly.... My ultimate bias ♡♡♡
I need to make a tag list, so let me know if you want to be tagged in my future cards :)
feliz cumpleaños, feliz aniversario(portugués), eid meelad sa3eed (romanticized arabic) 생일 축하합니다, happy birthday. to a fellow Vingle and kpop lover, hope you enjoy this lovely day. [tag me too😌]
also may you tag me in future cards
I like your list, and Happy Birthday!! I wish you many more to come 😊
@HeichousRegalia aww thank you :)