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Sasaeng Fans.

Call it love, call it obsession, maybe even insanity - here are a few instances of fans going way, way too far.

Taeyeon and Being Pulled Off-Stage

Girl groups get a ton of creepy fans (it's almost in the job description) but this was one of the scariest moments I can think of. Taeyeon and the girls were performing on stage when a strange man grabbed a hold of Taeyeon. She was dragged off-stage, luckily followed by Sunny and stopped by security but was clearly shaken by the incident.
Who knows what would have happened if he had been successful in his kidnapping.

Junsu and Constant Fans

This is a really, really creepy picture of Junsu trying to have dinner at a restaurant. The fans crowding the window were just standing there watching him eat. It's normal for this behaviour at radio shows where fans are encouraged to watch them record the show through a window, but not a restaurant! TVXQ especially was constantly followed by at least 20 fans at all times.
*I have heard people say that this photo was photoshopped but regardless, the other photo can show you how crazy the crowds can be.

Yoseob and the Runaway

According to reports, a woman had visited the Cube Entertainment office looking for her daughter, who had run away from home with hopes of meeting Yoseob.
After hearing her story, staff members began searching the area around B2ST's dorm and were eventually able to find her daughter, who had stood outside waiting the entire night.
Representatives said, "Yoseob met with the fan and told her that she could come meet B2ST whenever she wanted to, as long as she never ran away from home again. The fan listened and returned home." They continued, "We are thankful for fans expressing their love for B2ST, but please remember that you are also a member of society and need to act accordingly. Running away from home to meet your favorite artist is not a proper expression of your love for them."
Source + Photos: ENEWS24 via Nate

EXO Kidnapping

Sasaengs rented out a van identical to EXO's van and parked it in front as they came out from a schedule. They almost entered the van but their manager noticed something was off and stopped them.

Kim Hee Chul

A sasaeng hid in the bathroom of his dorm and waited. When Hee Chul was on his toilet she came out and said "Oppa".
He was also involved in a traffic accident trying to lose sasengs with his car - this is actually common in idols.

EXO (Sasaengs shave their heads)

This incident took place while EXO was in China. Sasaeng girls shaved their heads and pretended they were guys. They followed EXO in pretending to be guys and took pictures.
Since the incident, EXO clears public bathrooms before they use it and then have members or staff stand guard at the door.

EXO (Secretly Installed Microphone)

A sasaeng broke into a hotel where Tao was scheduled to stay and installed microphones. The saseng later released the audio file of him singing in the shower among other audio files.

Sasaeng Vans

Sasaengs are known to hire vans or taxis to follow around idols all day. Often breaking traffic laws and speeding, these vans cause serious accidents including on in Singapore with Super Junior.
The car was driving too closely to SuJu's van and cause a 7 car accident on the way to the airport.
Leetuek tweeted about the incident:
"Here in Singapore... I have the impression that it is a beautiful place. I'm okay with you guys following our car, but please be careful .. it was a 7 car pile up... I almost died."

For more super terrifying Saseang stories check out @B1A4BTS5EVER's card about it ---->

So these are extreme examples, but...

What about:
- Finding flight times and getting on their flights
- Staying in their hotel
- Standing outside their dorms/company buildings
- Following them to restaurants
It's a fine line between wanting to see your favorite member and being too much, so what do you think that line is?

and what's worse: a sasaeng or an anti, and why?!

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if i was an idol i'd honestly be more scared to see a sasaeng fan than a hater. a hater is someone who would really just spit insults at you. yeah it would hurt but i'd rather have that than being stalked or kidnapped :/
hold on wait i take that back because both are equally scary and running into an anti can be just as scary
I would say that both can be equally dangerous but I think saesang fans are more likely to hurt other people than antis. I don't know this is just something that I've observed.
Fans are just creepy in general. I don't care if your a true die hard fan or a crazy one fans are just weird. One incident I remember was when Big Bang had their first world tour and Seungri had that scandal in Japan I think. It was said he had choked her and some other things. At the LA concert I went to someone held a sign up saying for him to choke them. I'm all for expressing your love for artists but sometimes fans go too far.
Depending on the lengths they go to, either one can be just as bad as the other.