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You go Chen!!!
I was really angry at how Kim Gura treated Chen, especially Suho. I know Radio Star is known for being brutally honest, but why do you have to throw shade at someone who hasn't done anything to you...honestly I was really happy Suho hadn't come because if he had they would have mocked him and he would have just smiled and played along with them, although he would be hurt. Chen on the other hand sneakily called them out on their behaviour and I was sooooo proud of him!!!
I was so happy when Chen didn't care about himself and was trying to defend Suho XD
I understand that everybody has opinions but this Suho is not funny thing has gone to another level...for me his lame jokes are endearing, if anyone doesn't like it stop spoiling it for others... cr. to owners
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I sincerely appreciate Suho for who he is and I don't care if he's not funny or if he's not popular among the rest of the group, at least he has a heart big enough to care about the other members before himself; that is love to me, and if you don't think so, get lost!
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does someone know where i can watch this?
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@sleepydevil it's on YouTube more than likely
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@CrystalBlunt I couldn't find it but I found a half subbed ver on daily motion
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