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It had been several minutes and still there was no help. Namjoon was staying quiet just trying to get someone on the line. After awhile he gave up and sat down. I didn't want to make any eye contact. I closed my eyes and just tried not to feel anything but it was hard. All this bottled up frustration. "So since we have time can we finally talk?" "Namjoon don't worry about it." I tried very hard not to say what I wanted to say. "GOD DAMMIT (Y/N) JUST LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!" I looked at him. He never raised his me at least. "Ok." I said quietly "Do you really think I didn't want to be friends? After I said I didn't want you hurt why would I do that to hurt you?" That was what I was wondering myself when it happened. "I don't know." "I made a mistake. I don't mean you being my friend I mean after we kissed the first time I made a mistake." "I know the kiss was an accident. Do you really have to be so hurtful?" "That's not what I meant." "What do you mean?" I tried to think of what had happened after the took me a second. Did he mean when he said we were just friends. "What I'm saying is" He scooted closer to me. "I made a mistake because I don't want to be just friends.... I want to be more." I stared at him. "What!?" Did he really just say that? I'm not hearing things am I? "I'm in love with you (y/n)" "Oh my god, I'm so stupid." I said looking back at my feet. "Why do you say that?" "If I would have just listened to you 2 weeks ago we would have been together. Here I am thinking you just didn't care about me at all, and in reality it was just me misunderstanding you." I looked at him again. "So you like me too?" He smiled "Yes since we first met I fell for you, but you said we were just friends and so I tried to get rid of my feelings for you." "Then let's stop wasting time." Before I could say anything his lips were on mine. His lips were amazingly soft. The elevator shook and then moved, but we didn't pay attention until the doors opened. "Oooh look at that our plan worked!" "Aren't they so cute." We pulled apart and looked at who it was. All of his group mates where there. "So you guys did this?" Namjoon said standing up and pulling me up as well. "Yea you guys were just getting annoying" Jin said "Wow I thought you'd stay out of it." I said laughing. "These kids were being dumb. I know Namjoon really well and had to explain what was going on." Jin said pointing to Jimin, V, and Suga. I started laughing. "Well thanks for the scary push" I said pointing to the elevator. "Well it was a good place so you couldn't run away." Jhope said "Well thanks!" I smiled letting them know I wasn't really angry at them "Ok thanks guys but I'm gonna take (y/n) on an actual date now." Namjoon said grabbing my hand and heading towards the stairs. "Are we officially dating now?" I asked as we're heading down the stairs. "Going on dates yes...." "So we're allowed to date other people?" I asked testing him. "No...No we are only dating each other. No one else needs to be in this equation." I laughed "Ok good." He had decided to take me to go get drinks. We went to a coffee shop that was near by and I ordered a hot cocoa and he did the same. We just talked. "Ok (y/n) will you officially be my girlfriend?" "I thought you'd never ask" I smiled "So that's a yes?" "Of course that's a yes." "Awesome!" He smiled and took a sip of his hot cocoa. When he finished he had some wipe cream on his nose. I giggled. "What's so funny?" He wiped at his mouth "You have some whipped cream on you." "Where?"He started wiping everywhere but his nose. "Don't you feel it?" I said just watching him. "No.... (y/nnnnnnn) please get it off." "Ok." I said leaning over towards him and then just taking my finger and wiping his nose. Then I showed him it and then placed the whipped cream on his cheek. "Hey!" I started laughing he then took some of his whipped cream and tried to put some on my face but I moved back enough so he missed me. "Sorry you have to be swifter than that." He got up and came to my side and then put one of his arms around me so I couldn't move and then he put the whipped cream on my cheek. He walked away with a smile on his face looking accomplished. "You're cute" I grabbed a napkin and wiped away the whip cream. "I let you do that on purpose." I added "Yea yea sure you did." This was nice. Finally I could be happy and not worry about trying to not love this guy. "So I'm gonna tell you this, just so you understand how upset I was about the whole thing." Namjoon said breaking my thought. "Ok what's up?" "So I haven't been sleeping much. I missed you and was angry with myself for not making you understand sooner." "That makes sense I thought you hadn't been sleeping much and you just fell asleep on me...but I was ok with it. I mean I figured it was because you were busy. Did you rest after I finished with you?" "Yea because you wanted me to so it was something that would make you happy." "I'm sorry Namjoon it's all my fault I should have just listened." "It's ok we're together now and that's all that matters." "Namjoon" I smiled. Even though it took us awhile to get here we are finally together and I just can't help but smile at him. "(Y/n)" He smiled back "I'm really happy now....thank you." "Same here."
How was it? did you enjoy it? well guys it looks like I'm finally reaching the more chapter and this story is over. I hope you all enjoyed it. I love you all!!!
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Nooo this story is too good to end😢😢😢
Freaking finally.
I don't want it to end
Can i get a Hallelujah!!! She finally listened to him!
Best as ever ! Keep tagging !
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