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TBT number 2, I don't usually create two in one night but I couldn't help myself!
Totally didn’t realize what I did there until I had already done it. GOT7 in the 70’s! Now, I know this is going to throw a few of you off because I’m going WAAAAYYYY back, musically and the majority of you may scratch your heads going, “WHO?” Well, I may even us a WHO song, you never know…..
This was difficult basing their personalities on 70's music, but once I began remembering the songs and looking at the boys I was able to match a theme song to each. Once again, if you're not familiar with my TBT cards there is a music video to go along with the description so you know what song I'm talking about.
Anyway, we are going back to the 70’s this time with GOT7. ENJOY!
JACKSON: ABBA - Dancing Queen
How can we deny him being the goof ball dancing queen?
@jessicaacosta90 your husband is a serious dancing queen and must be stopped before he kills us all!
JB: Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
I've heard he is one of the worst flirts out of the GOT7 members. This poor dude must survive.....
JR: Janis Joplin - Take a Little Piece of My Heart
The worst aegyo of the group, so I've been told. I dunno, I don't pay attention to that stuff. So with his poor broken heart, he shares the same feels as Janis Joplin.
BamBam: Alice Cooper - School's Out
This kid is just out to rock the town....'nough said!
Mark: Wild Cherry - Play that Funky Music
California born funk boy, Mr. Tuan is our funky boy this Thursday! Always so charismatic and smiley. This groovy kid knows what he's doing...."play that funky music chinese boy...."
Yugyeom: Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
NO NO! This isn't about HIM being "hot stuff" [even though we all know he is!], he's searching for some HOT STUFF! I saw this Donna Summer song and immediately thought of this guy! He was going to have a QUEEN song and then Donna Summer ruined it....or did she?
Get your dancing shoes on ladies and dance on some tables to get this dude's attention! He's looking for it!
YoungJae: Elton John - Crocodile Rock
This is by far one of my favourite Sir Elton John songs! I actually thought it was an 80's song until I ran across it in a 70's top 250 list!
YoungJae just fits this eccentric beat and the lyrics of a quirky love song! I can't imagine him wearing giant glitter glasses and hat with a seriously loud blazer and playing the piano! But I can picture him dancing with a pretty girl and singing this song.

Just for the heck of it! #1

John Denver: Country Roads

Just for the heck of it! #2

John Lennon: Imagine
Let me know if this was "Just Right"....
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Jacksons is hilarious! And yes I agree with bam bams!
@MaricelvaRomero you must have either A.) actuallly been born and raised in the 70's or B.) you were raised on 60's and 70's records and an old record player like me! :D
@DestinaByrd thanks! I am going to attempt to do this every thursday with different eras/genres of music. I actually made one of BTS earlier today.
Lol I tell him he needs to calm down a bit or he'll end up killing us all but he loves doing that ;-;
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