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Nothing is more enjoy watch them eat!!
How they enjoyed their food... (Don't u dare to take that ice cream away from TOP...!!@#%^%)
Daesung face expression is priceless!!
Seungri... is hard to describe... he eat like an animal!! (He is Panda)
Taeyang: OMG... my pant don't fit!!
No... Taeyang.. I think it fit fine!!!! perfectly!! @Kwonofakind @helixx in for "Club of Notifications Hell"
!! ❤❤ love to see my loves eat!
TOP's face in the last picture in his set! He looks like an adorable chipmunk, storing food in his cheeks!
@SatinSkies He does...😍😍😍😍
Daesungie is the best!! I think he is eating a sweet potato yam. I love me some sweet potatoesssssss ❤️🍠
I think GD is trying to feed me in an attempt to nurse me back to health (gif #3). Thank you @KwonOfAKind for bringing him over yesterday.