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Good or not good ??
@Dlopez031113 well I can say you arnt giving yourself enough credit. you have so much confidence in your lines it's really amazing to be honest. But you got the critic taking mastered xD... and yeah I suppose your to right any tattooist worth their salt would be able to alter any part but other than a few flaws I say it's tattoo ready... and you're welcome
I'm only just starting 馃槄 the actual tattoo artist can always fix or alter it it was just the idea she had wanted. I'm only still learning and self teaching myself l. So no I didn't take offense. Thank you for your criticics @LoveGaara
also all you anatomy is super perfect almost too real however one cheek bone droops while the other is high o.o sorry I will shut up now
also where the thorn is in the jaw the thickness should be more even... unless that was deliberate
just more detail in the skull feters
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