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Did anyone else watch the newest episode of ERASED?

Am I the only one who though it was far....tooooo........happy?! Like, obviously rough sad moments (like Kayo's memories...) but overall, it just felt good. I WAS ABLE TO RELAX AND BREATH WHILE WATCHING WHICH NEVER HAPPENS.

And that pretty much means we are doomed next week.

Seriously. There's some kind of rule in anime like ERASED that if you have a single happy episode you're going to probably have 2-3 really sad ones after that and I am NOT OKAY WITH ANY MORE SAD KAYO.

That breakfast scene was the one part of this that really hit me.

It made me happy for Kayo that Satoru's mom is treating her so well, but also so, so sad that she went through a life where being able to have a nice warm breakfast in the morning was just not a thing. Sure, my mom didn't make a full breakfast like this before school, but I had a pretty good routine in the mornings, and to not have that would have been hard, I think. Poor Kayo!!!

Thank god for a cliffhanger I can life with, though.

Seriously. I had to try to forget about this show for the last week so I wouldn't be FRANTICALLY WORRYING, but this is a cliffhanger I am a-OK with.
I have the same feeling. It was kind of suspenseful, yet it was in favor of the main characters for a change. Yet I can't help but feel a little paranoid about the whole thing. Is it only twelve episodes long? It feels like it's going to be. Does Satoru really believe that by saving Kayo it's going to save his mother 18 years from now? Talk about a mind fuck
Every anime goes hard the first few eps like they will fight in fairy tail really hard and then we will see an ep where they go on vacation. I don't like this calm ep in erased though, there's gonna be tragedy definitely in ep 9.
@KHUniverse I don't like reading the manga if the series already exist, I mostly read manga when I finish a series and want to continue it or if there is no anime, the only acception I've made was to read rather than to watch kagerou days bcuz I don't like the artstyle of the anime
if you like me who read the manga for iy youll know what happens ao advice for me is stay tuned for the episodes to come itll be AWESOME
@MetalMorgan It is only going to be 12 eps. The manga is set to end about 2 weeks before the anime, but the anime producers already know the story so they're able to release almost simultaneously towards the end (the anime is up through chapter 24 ish and the mange is up to chapter 42 ish, I guess). Thta seems like a lot of chapters to squeeze in, but I heard a lot of that is conversation / internal monologue, which goes much faster in anime!! So we shall see XD
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