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I was tagged by @sammie99522 a few days ago and here I go original card by @katiems
Challenge: Create your own dream Kpop concert taking some of your bias' and putting them together on stage for a concert! Explain why you chose who you chose & what they will do at the concert! ^^
1: Choose 6 Kpop idols & explain why you chose them
2: What kind of performances will these 6 idols do at the concert? solos, duets, dancing, singing, etc.
3: tag me & other fellow Kpop Vingle Family! ^^
I'm just gonna put my 6 idols together because I'm a huge rap fan and all my favorites are rappers and I would love all these artists to collab with each other on stage because then my head and ovaries would explode and who doesn't want that.. so this is my list of all the Rappers I need on stage
First off Jackson Wang my UB he'll always be on the list
My Runner up for almost taking over my UB is Song Mino
Min Suga is 3rd on my list.. he's so talented and hard working
Cause you can't have Suga without Rap Mon plus they could perform some sort of long finger magic trick on stage @gabbylu13 LMAO
IM what I am.. yes please I need one maknae at least
He's new to me but I am already obsessed with his voice and everything.. Han Jiwon he would make a perfect ending to my dream kpop rap concert
Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future Card's
@Ercurrent part of Topp Dogg subunit. Underdogg πŸ˜€
@PrettieeEmm same. Haha love at first sight because I didn't know him until now.
Hello Jiwon. Dang...those tattoos though.
@Ercurrent right? I'm in love 😍😍