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Que tal, Sorry guys I'm late with the Thorsday card. I couldn't think of what to make Thorsday card about. I ran out of ideas and so did Thor. Anyhow better late than never!!! (in Thor's voice lol) Today we will share the spotlight with brother Loki.

I thought these were super cute and funny.

Here goes some good ol' Thor and Loki Crack for a good laugh...

Ah...the power!

Saddest day in history......I'm glad he's over it!

Thor with that resting bitch priceless!

Please if you have any suggestions on things you would like to see for Thorsday comment below!

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That first gif lol. Brilliant post all around!
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lol I love it! That video is great. And Thor clearly underestimated how good a creamsicle is
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@shannonl5 lol you know how he is...
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@amobigbang another!
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