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You'll Never Guess What These Dunkin' Donuts Turn Into.

Anyone with a sweet tooth could tell you that donuts are delicious, but with the help of master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada, one of our favorite AM indulgences has undergone a jaw-dropping makeover.

Yeah, that's right, you guys. Meet Dunkin' Donuts sushi.

Instead of raw fish, you've got your kruellers, chocolate cakes, jelly-filleds, and classic glazeds, and Hiroyuki makes sure to put every ounce of their deliciousness to use!
First, he pars the donuts like he would a fresh fish.
And scoops the filling out like it's the finest caviar you'll ever eat. (Which it very much could be, depending on your budget.)
The scooped-out jelly and cream donuts are then sliced super thinly and laid out on a sushi mat. Hey, sure beats seaweed!
The kruellers get chopped into shrimp-like curves and laid out on the bed of 'nori'.
As for the glazed original and chocolate donuts, they get the traditional fish-paring treatment.

Then it's time to roll them all up!

The roll is sliced and plated in true sushi fashion.

Then, finally, it receives some finishing touches - and voila!

So what do you guys think about the Dunkin' Donuts roll? Would you dare to try it yourself, or is this one outside of your caloric comfort zone?

Let me know in the comments below! And for more strange yet viral vids, check out my YouTube Nation collection!
good for people who's allergic to fish
@Ticasensei I have a sweat tooth lol
Should you have these with coffee, or green tea?
@Danse It was playing hard-to-get.
How the heck did I miss this card. :O
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